Le Café de la Débrouille -

Our food bank counter...

Our hours:
Every second Thursday from 1 pm to 2.30 pm
Bring your grocery bags!

Le Café de la Débrouille
23 Saint-Jean-Baptiste Street East, Rigaud

Contact us:
(450) 206-1008

For whom:
Families and individuals who have food needs

We have a food counter that contains a large variety of foods including eggs, dairy products, fruits and vegetables. We strongly believe in one’s right to have access to proper nutrition (in a quantity and quality wise way). The aforementioned right is based on four principles which are: a) accessibility b) availability  c) stability  and  d) salubrity (cleanliness). Our food counter and community kitchen, two of our main services, were specifically created as an extra support to those citizens in need who contact us.

Please call and make an appointment to meet with our Admin Assistant to open your file. In order to maximize our services and in keeping with our principles, all beneficiaries must collaborate in establishing their financial situation and proof of residence.

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