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A pictogram cookbook - Cuis-Images

Monday, February 17th, 2014, Cuis-Images was released in the presence of senator Jacques Demers.

In order to lessen the many difficulties related to illiteracy among our clientele, the Café de la Débrouille has decided, once more, to innovate by creating a cookbook using pictures only (pictograms) without words. We wished to answer to the needs of a certain number of our beneficiaries with this type of cookbook. In contrast to other cookbooks, ours will be usable by people who are unable to read. Pictograms will, step by step, show you how to execute delicious recipes. Rest assured, our cookbook has been put to the test with the collaboration of an illiterate person. Within you will find twenty of our best recipes all illustrated using pictograms only.  Moreover, you will find a glossary to help you translate your very own recipes plus the significance of the various pictograms.

To order a free CD, cookbook, or to obtain additional information about this inspiring project please contact our coordinator.

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